Memories of SKI 2019

Claus Rinner collected memorable tweets from what was a wonderful SKI conference. Thank you all!


Tomorrow night

Just a reminder. Tomorrow night is the photo competitiion done by participants of SKI 2019! If you would like your photo to be considered, please email the photo and a caption to Victoria Fast <>.


Welcome to Spatial Knowledge and Information Canada 2019!

Hope you enjoyed your skiing, snowboarding, snowshoing (no really, you were actually practicing your talks!). SKI 2019 start in just over an hour with 2 prof-led panels. First up, Wherefore GIScience in Canada? Do we need a rebranding?


SKI 2019 Icebreaker Thursday!

Join us for SKI 2019 Icebreaker at the Park Distillery and Bar. The reservation is under the name Fast. See you Thursday, Feb. 21! Other details about our schedule as well as links to the papers) are here.


Check out our mobile apps

In addition to the HTML version of the schedule, we have a mobile version of the schedule. To get the mobile app, download the "Grenadine Event Guide" on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Or use this link from your phone to download the app. Our event code is ski2019. Just enter this code after installing the app.


SKI 2019 schedule is up and running

We look forward to seeing all of you in just over 2 weeks. In the meantime, please check out our schedule. It's live!


Our Keynote, Steve Liang

We are excited to welcome Dr. Steve Liang as our keynote for SKI 2019. Dr. Liang is the Canadian Leader on sensors and the Internet of Things. His talk is entitled:

Make Invisible Visible - The Internet of Things Revolution

Abstract: In the near future, millions to billions of small sensors and actuators will be embedded in real-world objects and connected to the Internet forming the Internet of Things (IoT). The basic premise of the IoT is that everyday objects or devices can sense their environment, collect information, and communicate and interact with each other. The changing nature of smart, connected "things" is disrupting value chains and will force organizations to rethink and retool nearly everything they do internally in order to stay competitive. For example, progressive cities and businesses around the world are using IoT to transform themselves into smart cities or smart products, and changing how we live, work, and play. In this talk, Dr. Liang will present the opportunities and challenges of building an interconnected and interoperable Internet of Things system of systems. In particular, Dr. Liang will present the real-world use cases of how IoT system of systems transforming existing organizations and make them more competitive.

Program up shortly

We're busy getting ready for SKI 2019! Check the tabs above--the program will be up shortly.


See you soon!


Less than 1 week to sign up for Early Bird Registration

Happy New Year! We're busy preparing for SKI 2019. The reviews are going out, rooms are being booked and people are registering for the conference. FYI: You have one week to get the early bird rate for SKI! Register using the big red button. Details on prices in the Registration tab.


Once again, you don't have to get an account on this site to register for the conference. All you need to do is click the red button.

Extending Early Bird Registration

Hello All,


To accommodate the date we're returning the paper reviews, we've extended the early bird deadline for registration.


Early Bird Registration Until Jan. 6, 2019

(Coffee Breaks & Dinners included)

Students $150

Postdocs $200

Faculty and others $350


NOTE, NOTE, NOTE: Even if you don't register till the last minute, please book your hotel room as soon as you can. Our booking expires the following day.


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