Our Keynote, Steve Liang

We are excited to welcome Dr. Steve Liang as our keynote for SKI 2019. Dr. Liang is the Canadian Leader on sensors and the Internet of Things. His talk is entitled:

Make Invisible Visible - The Internet of Things Revolution

Abstract: In the near future, millions to billions of small sensors and actuators will be embedded in real-world objects and connected to the Internet forming the Internet of Things (IoT). The basic premise of the IoT is that everyday objects or devices can sense their environment, collect information, and communicate and interact with each other. The changing nature of smart, connected "things" is disrupting value chains and will force organizations to rethink and retool nearly everything they do internally in order to stay competitive. For example, progressive cities and businesses around the world are using IoT to transform themselves into smart cities or smart products, and changing how we live, work, and play. In this talk, Dr. Liang will present the opportunities and challenges of building an interconnected and interoperable Internet of Things system of systems. In particular, Dr. Liang will present the real-world use cases of how IoT system of systems transforming existing organizations and make them more competitive.