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Augmented Questions

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Azuma et al. “update” (in 2001) the reader on advances, problems, and applications of augmented reality. Their intended audience appears to already be aware of the basics of registering objects and placing people in visible artificial environments. In contrast, the article we read a few weeks ago on eye-tracking technology explained seemingly advanced technological notions to the layperson much more nicely. Still, if the article’s purpose is to discuss AR from a multi-faceted perspective, discussing issues pertaining to the user, the augmented objects, and the environment, then the authors accomplished this well enough.

As someone with little to no experience with, or background knowledge of, augmented reality, I am concerned more with possible applications of the technology than with the technical side of things. Still, as someone approaching this article from a GIS-based perspective, I am intrigued by notions like georegistering and dynamic augmented reality. I’m sure the technology has advanced leaps and bounds in the past 12 years, including AR applications on smart phones that solve many of the weight and cost issues. I’m curious how AR is able to take an unprogrammed environment and situate its device so accurately within that space. Surely GPS is involved, as are internal sensors that collect aspect information, but beyond that, I am more intrigued and curious than critical.

– JMonterey