Chicken feathers in computer circuit boards

Today in Wired there is an article about a researcher from the university of Delaware that is currently investigating the possibility to use chicken feathers and soybean oil in the circuit board manufacturing process, the soybean oil to replace the epoxy and chicken feathers to replace the fiberglass. In addition to the fact that it would be environmentally friendlier it would have the following advantages:
– There are a plenty of feathers available and mainly used for low-grade animal feed for cattle.
– Farmer could make more money out of their chickens.
– “It lightens the weight of the composite and creates an environment conducive to high-speed circuits.”

2 Responses to “Chicken feathers in computer circuit boards”

  1. pete says:

    So the avian flu could be the next big computer virus? 🙂

  2. sieber says:

    I’m trying to think how they worded their grant application.