hello from gator land

People and nature:

This will be short and sweet as internet time in hostels is precious! Today we were in Everglades National Park! There were alligators EVERYWHERE! They were sunning themselves right up on the walking path. We saw at least 5 or 6 within 100m. There were parents who were asking their kids to move closer and closer to a gator so they could get a really cool picture! Can you believe that? Why doesn’t society, in general, have a greater appreciation for wild forces, such as the alligator? and why is it that the alligator didn’t just snap at that child?

Well, western humans have done a pretty good job of learning how to dominate just about any situation – and since that gator wasn’t offering any resistence to the humans, they just kept dominating! The gators on the other hand are probably used to hoards of humans walking by everyday and taking pictures non-stop!

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