I’m new to the Computers, Society and Nature Blog.  My interests include (but are not restricted to) animals and conservation, as well as music.  I occasionally participate in activism petitions relating to social, environmental and animal concerns.  I will be posting for ENVR 650.

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  1. supernova says:

    I everyone, I will also be posting for ENVR 650. My field of study include environment and plant science. I enjoy music as well a good glass of wine with friends. I look forward to particpate in environment debate and issues concerning the seminars

  2. patagonia says:

    Hi everyone! This is sasha liston, signing in as patagonia- I will be posting for ENVR 650 as well. I am starting a masters in the department of plant sciences, besides love for the environment and being outdoors with camping, canoes, everything, I am also really into music, yoga and drawing or sketching. Excited to get to know you all better! Cheers.

  3. Hi everyone!
    I’ll also post reflections on this blog as Free_of_Charge username and I’m sure you’ll recognize me at the end of this comments! hahaha!
    My research project is to predict the response of trees species of Québec based on one of the biggest anthropogenic global event: Climate Change. I like this project for several reasons. One of them is basically that all Natural Resource managers in the world are already facing or will facing to this global change. Therefore, they have to change themselves the way they have managed the land. Today, climate change must part of the equation. It is a big challenge for everyone and I’m sure we will find some answers!

    My “others” interests are wide opened but I am a “Habs” Fanatic fan. My blood is Bleu-blanc-Rouge and if you want to change my mind in a bad day… please asks me if Montreal Canadiens are winning the Stanley Cup!!!
    Peace my friends! hahaha!