The International Consumer Electronics Show goes green

The largest consumer electronic show in the world is trying to go carbon neutral.

Offsetting the environmental impact of the show means eliminating the creation of more than 20,000 tons of carbon.

The show uses as much energy as it takes to power 2,600 homes for a year and the equivalent of 2.3 million gallons of gasoline.

“It’s pretty ambitious, considering we’re larger than the Super Bowl and all the political conventions,” said Gary Shapiro, chief executive of the Consumer Electronics Association, the Arlington-based group hosting the show.

Recycled carpet, biodegradable plastic utensils, pamphlets printed with soy ink and energy-efficient light bulbs will be used, he said. [Link added]

The ICES going green still sounds like an oxymoron to me. Despite activities at the show, the CEA does little to actively promote recycling and reuse of electronic devices, the lack of which plagues the electronics industry.

4 Responses to “The International Consumer Electronics Show goes green”

  1. liam says:

    Not to mention the thousands of people flying in for what is basically a glorified gadget dog and pony show.

  2. sieber says:

    Welcome back, Liam.

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  4. Engineer says:

    Appreciate the info guys, thanks