The Green TCP/IP Project

While browsing around to find litterature for my paper proposal, I found this interesting website: The Green TCP/IP project.
For the ones that would not know TCP/IP is the communication protocol that the internet uses. This protocol is quite old and would be energy unnefficient.

“Studies by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) show that about 74 TWh/yr of electricity (which is approximately $6 billion per year) is consumed by the Internet in the USA alone, of which 24 TWh/yr or 32% could be saved with full use of power management on desktop computers, currently the most common of edge devices on the Internet. Unfortunately, due to limits of existing protocols and architectures, networked desktop computers typically remain powered-up during frequent and often lengthy periods of idleness. As network devices, they are prevented from operating in an energy-efficient manner due to their need to respond to network transactions of various types without warning.”

If you check out the literature section of the website you will see that there are interesting studies on the subject.

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  1. Ira says:

    Do any of you know whatever happened to IPv6? I remember reading lots about it a few years
    ago but whatever became of it? Will it ever replace the current IP? Is it more efficient, more