US Department of Justice opposes net neutrality

Why is the US Department of Justice involved with this?

The US Justice Department has said that internet service providers should be allowed to charge for priority traffic.

The Justice Department said imposing net neutrality regulations could hinder development of the internet and prevent ISPs from upgrading networks.

I wonder if this is payback for telcoms’ willingness to allow the Justice Department to use them as a base for warrantless wiretapping?

There are any number of implications for the environment and the environmental movement. Lots of issues and groups could end up in the slower (or blocked?) tier two. Let’s see, support for climate change, research that links environmental toxins and cancer. Grassroots opposition to expansion of logging or road networks. I could fill the blog with environmental findings and advocacy that run counter to corporate interests.

If you think that being outside the US exempts you from the impacts of net ‘bigotry’ then consider that the majority of Internet traffic goes through the US.

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