your planet’s warming, but it sure is purty

Climate change modelling, if nothing else, is poetic:

The gigantic super-computer in the basement of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., is so big you can walk down the aisles inside it, the walls of the sleek black servers at either elbow, wrapped in the constant hum of air coolers and countless trillions of silicon chip operations working day and night to calculate the climate future over the next several decades of the only home we’ve got: Earth.

Sounds like the scientists are visualizing the results on NASA’s science on a sphere:

With green and blue for cooler temperatures, scientists and regular folks can watch the digitized projectors paint the globe, starting in 1870. Along about 1990, the globe grows yellower — warmer — and is entirely yellow by 2001.

Then comes the sobering part. Red, for much warmer, starts to appear in North America — and other continents — and by 2051 the United States is almost entirely red.

Update: like this addition from ABC News: “Witnessing the impact of global warming in your life? ABC News wants to hear from you.” Wonder what responses they’re receiving.

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