whaling music

I hate to make light of the dreadful ruling at the International Whaling Communication meeting but the stop whaling people have created an innovative connection between activism and the Internet: the whale remix project.

You can work online or offline to incorporate actual recordings of humpback whales into your own music. Rhythms can be added by clicking on a major ocean area. You can also add specific ocean sounds, such as bubbles and dolphins. Submit your song and you could win a video IPod.

One Response to “whaling music”

  1. Brad Munson says:

    Thanks for the news on the IFAW’s remix project. What a great, subtle way to remind people of the beauty, mystery, and intelligence of the whale…just when we were all getting a little too comfortable with the cetacean “crisis.” I’ve mentioned the project and your own blog over on http://www.thisnext.com/blog too.