your 15 minutes of fame with climate change models

Britain’s Open University and The British Broadcasting Company, BBC have teamed up to produce a series of documentaries on climate change. They will be hosted by veteran BBC nature documentarian, David Attenborough. The BBC links to a downloadable model that people can run on their PCs. (For more about the model see here and here). The results will be part of the documentary. Who knows, maybe your individual model run will be highlighted on the show.
Much information is available at a special section of the BBC site. The British news sites, BBC and Guardian have done spectacular jobs in educating the public on climate change. One wonders, what in the world is happening with North American news sites? Oh, that’s right, this much effort would suggest they’re taking a position on the science on climate change and we all know there’s conflicting evidence….

2 Responses to “your 15 minutes of fame with climate change models”

  1. Brad Munson says:

    Now THIS is cool .. .and frightening. Maybe we should distribute it to every lawmaker, local to national, and see what happens when the entire issue is that much more ‘real’ to them.

    Great blog! Thanks!