Thoughts on Geospatial Web

After reading this article, I found out that the geospatial web is much more than what I expected before. It turns out that geospatial web can not only be used in geography studies, but also can be used in other disciplines.

The article has mentioned that “Once geospatial context information becomes widely available, any point in space will be linked to a universe of commentary on its environmental, historical and cultural context, to related community events and activities and to personal stories and preferences”. So, I have a very interesting thoughts on this statement. Researches augmented reality are very popular in recent years. And I would say each world build in AR should also be in a certain geospatial context, so the things in that world also have some kind of location information. If it doesn’t have a location, the AR world would be a mess since everything will be floating around.

Obviously, the location information in AR world cannot be directly interpreted coordinates that exists in real world. But still, AR have some way to have all the things geolocated. And as mentioned in the author’s statement, it should be linked to a universe of commentary where the AR world can have some environmental, historical and cultural context. As a result, the AR world are very similar to the real world. So, the question would be can we have a geospatial web based on the AR world?

I would say yes, but I’m still curious about how can this works.

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