sensors –> singularity

With humans as sensors, we move towards the singularity.

Woah, catchy subtitle, movement, and robo-human dystopia! Does the post need any thing else?

I guess so… some hundred more words according to the syllabus :/.

Goodchild’s example of errors at UCSB and the City of Santa Barbara point to the danger of ascribing authority to mappers. With this authority, they also accept power to erase people and place. The real question in any discussion of VGI ought to be about who gets this power. Whether it’s the USGS, NASA, or a network of individually empowered agents, someone wields this power. What infrastructure to do we as GIScientists support?
I’m so conflicted: I like bottom-up everything, but maps are consumed by, represent, and interact with people. Question is, can they also be by the people. Who knows – I’ve just strung enough words together to make this work – see yas in class.

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