Thoughts on Turcotte (2006) “Modeling Geocomplexity: A New Kind of Science”

The article “Modeling Geocomplexity: A New Kind of Science” by Turcotte (2006) introduced the topic of geocomplexity. The article highlighted how the understanding of natural phenomena is enriched and more complete when it incorporates a variety of methods beyond standard statistical methods that are emerging in the field for different situations.

As someone who has no prior knowledge of geocomplexity in GIScience, I did find this topic a little difficult to wrap my mind around. Despite this, I did find it very interesting to see the different models that have emerged to better understand geological processes. I find it interesting that self-organized complexity utilizes computer-based simulation that can be used in classrooms. I think it would be a more intuitive and visual way to learn about geological functions.

After reading this article I had more questions than I had before. I am not sure I completely understand the concept of geocomplexity… but look forward to learning more about it.

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