Thoughts on GeoAI (Openshaw,1992)

This article essentially introduced the emergency of GeoAI. The author gives out some detailed reasons about why we should use GeoAI, and he also briefly reviews the expert systems approaches, the use of heuristic search procedures, and the utility of neurocomputing based tools. At last, he predicted the future trends of GeoAI as a emerging new technology.

GeoAI is actually a new topic to me since I have never done a project using this technique. I think it would be very useful and convenient when we are facing a huge dataset and trying to analyse or model it. As far as I understand it, people basically just transfer their thoughts to the computer and let the computer to decide and calculate result. Then, there would be a point where GeoAI will be connected to spatial data uncertainty. Is it possible to train the data and let it decide the level of uncertainty in a dataset? Or it there any way to eliminate of reduce some uncertainty in a dataset?

Another aspect to think about the uncertainty problem in GeoAI would be the supervision of human. What I get from the article is that people can supervise the computer when they are doing analytic works using the algorithms researchers put in. Would this supervision process bring more uncertainty into the dataset, or it will help to reduce the error? These are thoughts that come to me when I’m reading the article.

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