Research Challenges in Geo-visualization

This article gives us an overview of the importance of research on Geo-visualization topic and discusses some major themes for Geo-visualization and related issues, raising up the main discussion about current challenges emerged in Geo-visualization. Moreover, the authors summarize research challenges and problems proposed crosscutting and end with recommended action for these emerging challenges. Generally speaking, the paper goes through most of research challenges for Geo-visualization from various aspects and lists them one by one for each theme, but it seems not so sensible for me for that though problems have been discussed from different themes and crosscutting view with clear lists, paper structure still confuses me a little. Many terms like visualization method should be developed for better data mining technologies and new tools & methods should be improved with increasingly high representation technologies are not well explained clearly. Some points of view are overlaid when illustrating those challenges. Why representation, integration of computing and interfacing, Interface and usability are the four major theme and what makes them distinctive and related with each other are not well explained. Challenges referred in this paper about geo visualization are not just limited to the visualization technologies, and these could mostly be challenges faced for many concepts in GIS, discussing about data format problems, data amount problems, AI application issues, human-centered, etc. what are issues should also be discussed and think about for term like spatial statistics analysis methods development. I am wondering how to balance the information accuracy (value) and the interface friendliness. Also, Is the geo visualization always the final steps for data analysis, making results more understandable for further use? Will geo visualization technologies be more important dealing with data and information itself or just focusing on results to be better represented?

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