Thoughts on Vopham “Emerging trends in geospatial artificial intelligence (geoAI)”

The article by Vopham et. al Emerging trends in geospatial artificial intelligence (geoAI) Potential applications for environmental epidemiology provides us with a general understanding of what geoAI is and how it is utilized.

The interdisciplinary nature of geoAI is highlighted not only by the scientific fields that develop and utilize geoAI, but also by the wide spectrum of applications “to address real-world problems” it has. These vary from predictive modeling of traffic to environmental exposure modeling. Focus on machine learning, data mining, big data and volunteered geographic information has helped the expansion of geoAI. The main topic of this paper, however, is how this scientific discipline can be applied to the advancement of environmental epidemiology.

I find the future possibilities and applications of geoAI particularly exciting. As explained in the article, the progress in geoAI that has allowed for more accurate, high-resolution data which has the potential to revolutionize the use of remote sensing.  As with most of the evolving GIScience technologies we have yet to uncover their full potential and applications.

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