Reflection on “Research Challenges in Geovisualization”

This piece gives a very thorough background on geovisualization and its problems, especially its problems across disciplines.

A part of the piece that caught my attention was when MacEachren and Kraak said that “Cartographers cannot address the problem alone.” Through all the papers we have read in this class, there is a trending theme that there needs to be more cross-disciplinary communication in GIS to solve crosscutting problems. This article is better than other articles who just mention that more communication needs to happen; this article actually lists ways to better research cross-disciplinarily, in addition to listing short, medium, and long term goals. 

Although, I also feel that this article was written in a way that was very very generalized and vague, which made it a bit difficult to follow. This also gave their reasons less clout because it’s always easier to explain vague solutions as opposed to more specific ones. Some specific GIS examples would have also been very helpful!

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