Check out WWF’s call to action site here. It seems they have taken the difficulties of virtual activism’s commitment building straight on. They not only provide information but also seem to create online campaigns, and inform people about them. The “passport” is even in various languages. It is not addressing the digital divide but it sure is addressing some of the major concerns about virtual activism.

3 Responses to “e-passport”

  1. gizmo says:

    Yikes, someone already did our research! one click further from the passport page gets you into how to make the most of your virtual activism to get a rundown on how virtual and physical contact methods stack up against one another…

  2. gillo says:

    The Rainforest Action Network toolkit is also worth checking out. http://www.ran.org/action/toolbox/

  3. sieber says:

    There’s also NGO in a box. Supposedly, it’s comprised of free and open source software that is customized for NGO’s.