ecosystem analysis

Is “ecosystem” joining the ranks of “sustainability” as a popular buzz word? The new iPod ecosystem would seem to suggest so. What are the implications of turning an important and complex idea into a marketing catchphrase? Are people concerned about the hijaking (buzzword!) of language? This article on the iPod ecosystem has no mention of any commonly percieved notion of ecosystems (at least not as far as my enviro-centric mind can see), but generally discusses the growing ubiquity of ipod as supported by a growing range of accessories. So, does it matter? Given the importance of the media in spreading knowledge of environmental issues, are there consequences in “bastardising” important language, or will environmentalists just find new ways of expressing meaning? OR, is an expanded use of terms actually beneficial in increasing public understanding and appreciation for concepts?

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  1. sieber says:

    I noticed this just today in the large US democratic blog, Daily Kos, appropriating the word ecosystem

    But the netroots is bigger than the blogs. We’ve got our role in the ecosystem, but we can’t do it all ourselves.

    The post refers to the liberal political ecosystem and blogs’ ability to start the buzz but needing traditional party structures (charismatic megafauna?) to step in.

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