Introduction – Elizabeth

Hello everyone! My name’s Elizabeth Stone and I am a 4th year undergrad majoring in Geography, with minors in GIS and Economics. I am from Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, which is just outside of Philadelphia.

I do not have any specific research projects that I am currently working on, but I am very interested in a range of topics. I am a very active, outdoorsy person, and so I am very interested in how geography interacts with my love for wild places. More specifically, I am interested in how GIS intertwines with such topics as conservation, environmental management, ecology, sustainability, and ecological economics.

I spent this past summer in Olkiramatian, Kenya as an intern for a conservation NGO, and so I am currently very interested in environmental topics which deal with this region, whether that be looking at  methods to mitigate human-wildlife conflict, or how increasing development is impacting wildlife migration corridors, to name a few examples.

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