Maybe it’s not so bad…

While we all wait in fear for the environmental values of the new conservative government to shine through, our beloved CBC offers up something that could be considered consolation…apparently, Stephen Harper DOES care about the environment! Here is an excerpt:

Harper brought up his asthma during an October 2002 House of Commons debate, when an NDP member of Parliament accused his party of not caring about the environment because it opposed the Kyoto Protocol.

“Mr. Speaker, it always amazes me that a number of Canadians on that side of the spectrum, particularly in the NDP, seem to think they are the only people who have any concerns about living in the environment. I do not know where they think the rest of us live,” Harper said.

“We all have fairly serious concerns about the environment and about our health. In my personal case, we are talking about the contents of the atmosphere and I have been a lifelong sufferer from asthma. I am very concerned about my respiration and how this agreement will affect my respiration.

Obviously, we foolish (marxist even? ha!) environmentalists have nothing to fear. Until clean air becomes an excludable good that is…

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