More news from Google

Google recently announced the beta version of Google Video. You can not only search for videos but you can play them directly in the search results.

For your videos to appear, you must sign up for Google’s program and, after an approval process, submit your videos to Google. You still retain the copyright, though. And of course you have to tag your videos with metadata. The more tags the greater the searchability.

Among the very first to catalog their videos is Greenpeace.

Update: I wonder if Google Video is a way for Google to prime itself for the mobile phone market?

Update 2: Doesn’t work on Firefox yet. Rats.

One Response to “More news from Google”

  1. liam says:

    It looks like it’s part of its plan to expand where it can place its ads. The partnership with CBS (or was it ABC?) and the NBA kind of makes me think Google is trying to get a jump on delivering content over the Internet. Google: the broadcast network of the internet.

    I’m also compelled to note that it has worked flawlessly in Firefox for me since its inception.