‘It can be written’

There is an old Yiddish saying that goes, ‘It can be written’. What can be written? Anything. When it comes to blogs, that is the law of the land. Anybody can write a diatribe on anything, feel proud and righteous, and call it a latte. Presented here are two sides of the story, with apologies to Dave Eggers (‘How We are Hungry’ short stories) and NYTimes’ John Horgan (a one-sided rant on the true Republican screwing with science).

On the one side, from powerful youth groups (read: naïve groups), we get this sort of stream-of-nothingness: boasts for Kyoto’s longevity (a self-defeating compromise on the alter of feel-good cooperation), backing for Socolow’s carbon ‘stability wedges’ (which are grossly underestimated, according to a deluge of literature on energy and climate issues), and happy rants against the US for its unwillingness to bleed a bit of economy to back-track under the UNFCCC. A friend of mine branded this as “streetpunk neo-anarchist alt-self-realized-educated politics.” This, from an environmentalist worried perhaps a bit too much with his leanings for liberal elitism.

In a glance, all you need to read right here.

Then, a splash of cold water to the face from another blog, from a well-educated, clear and concise writer.

Un-doing the Spin on Environmental Spin-Doctoring. Really, it helps. This stuff is stronger than Brazillian coffee.

I really tire of going into the hard facts about renewables, socio-economic reform with conserving and switching energy sources, and elimination of already-present energy sources, so, in better words already written, a primer on some hard-to-swallow wake-ups.
Sp!ked, from the UK.

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