Smith and al. Structure Motion Photogrammetry

Structure from motion photogrammetry in physical geography refers to the the collection of topographic information for 3 dimensional data sets of areas. from my perspective i would lean towards categorizing this under the label of GIS tool rather than as a GIScience. the uses of the data sets produced could categorized as science but i wanted to establish the nature of the process. The Article relates somewhat to my topic of location surveillance and privacy via the common application of using drones for surveillance. however, the use of motion photogrammetry for surveillance does not apply very well to monitoring the location of individuals.

The article has heavy focus on the process of data collection while explaining less how the data could be useful. The precision and the detail of the data sets that can be created are very impressive. However, I would be interested to see more about how this data can be used differently compared to more basic data. Obviously, the improved accuracy of the information allows for more specific projects with larger scales, but aside from this how will the technology change?

The article is still recent and it states clearly that the potential of these technologies has not yet reached its full potential. it will be interesting to see what happens when it has reached it and more applications exist. These may be become evident, but will require more time.

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