Wang & al.: CyberGIS software

The article by Wang &al highlights the uses go cyberinfrastructure  in the domain of GIS. The emerging field has the potential to create systems to more effectively handle the large and increasing amounts of geospatial data. Thanks to the nature of cyberinfrastructure, geoinformation could be processed almost immediately which could provide an immediate result to users or other agents for further use. This has the potential to raise privacy concerns; basic amounts of information being shared by users with current geolocation may seem trivial compared to what CyberGIS could reveal about individuals and their locations at any times.

The article left me wondering what the future of GIS is going to look like: ‘Will cyberinfrastructure become common place in GIS or will it become a branch of the study with separate applications?’. As someone with limited computer science experience, the idea of having GIS becoming completely consumed by automation and cyber-infrastucture is intimidating considering all of my experience with the software may become irrelevant within a number of years. However, it would be unhelpful for the article to reference the possibilities of future cyberGIS technologies since they are virtually endless and the progression of the domain could take any number of directions. Also considering the age of the article, the field is till young with lots of potential. It will be interesting to watch its history unfold.

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