computers chock-full o’ evidence

In the best lead yet, American intelligence officials have dissected an Iranian laptop computer, which has divulged overwhelming ‘testimony’ as to Iran’s nuclear agenda. Nearly everything about the physical operations of the nuclear plants & facilities, weapons, and deployment are contained. Iran has a nuclear power program currently touting itself as a peaceful, energy-producing project.

The by-product, however, of such a program can be manipulated into weapons-grade warhead material, and the documents and specifications on the apprehended laptop seem to suggest Iranian nuclear weapons will go into production in the next few year. A whopping 5 pages from the NYTimes gives all the lurid details and all the big names involved.

3 Responses to “computers chock-full o’ evidence”

  1. sieber says:

    The lack of overwhelming sceptism on the part of the NYTimes is what shocks me.

  2. spike says:

    I believe the old addage “give the people what they want” works best here.