Environmental Groups Found a New Ally??

Environmental groups in the U.S. have found a new ally in an unlikely place- the Evangelical groups that help form the base for conservative support of the republican party. As reported in the New York Times, the National Association of Evangelicals, an organization that comprises a network of 30 million people across the U.S., is circulating a draft of a policy statement that is meant to encourage lawmakers to pass laws requiring reduction of carbon emissions. The association is motivated by biblical obligations that require humans to be good stewards over the earth. Environmental organizations like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club are welcoming the support. Since the Evangelical group mainly support the Republican party, they could bring an entirely new sphere of influence into our current governmental regime.

2 Responses to “Environmental Groups Found a New Ally??”

  1. Saddie says:

    Social institutions, such as religion, often play a role in society based on the perceptions of its population. This new involvement may be defined as a response to something individuals perceive as unknown but resulting in a dramatic effect. Institutions like religious organizations are simply playing on the collective feelings around the issue of climate change. I expect more institutions beyond environmentalists and religious personnel to take action… look at the change in the business of selling fuel efficient cars.