Party without wires

If you’re in the Montreal area and you want to party with people who have a vision of a wireless Montreal…

Ile Sans Fil is now at 10,000 users! We’re celebrating.

So . . . we’re doing a call-out. Do you:
– spend *way* too much time being a rockstar (on garageband)?
– work for bandwidth?
– consider joining the online class action whenever your ipod flashes “lowbat” but still drool over the nano?
– blog every cheese sandwich you eat?
– have RSI?

After two years of busting our chops, we’re ready to put down our laptops, pringle’s antennas, and o’reilly books for one night. Come party with us October 22 (this sat) on our first annual PubCrawl.There will be (much) beer, t-shirts and prizes.

Prizes are:
-Wifi TeliPhone with 6 months free service (long distance inc.)
-512 mb iPod shuffle from the Coop UQAM
-Accesories you never knew you needed from Toshiba
-a little something you may have heard of called the “iPod Nano”

[What amuses me is that the characteristics for likely partiers is different in French:
– Vous passez vos week-ends à jouer les Rock stars (avec GarageBand)?
– Vous songez à inscrire une connexion à Internet sur fibre optique à votre liste de cadeaux de Noêl?
– Vous bloguez sur tout ce qui bouge?
– Vous seriez prêt à vous remettre au Kraft Dinner pour acheter un iPod nano?
– Vous souffrez atrocement du syndrome du tunnel carpien ?]

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