Extending battery life through nanotechnology

Via Slashdot I see that the company BatMax (i.e., battery maximization and not something to do with Batman as I originally thought) has announced the development of a nanoceramic to extend the life of rechargable batteries in e-devices. The nanoceramic sheet simply attaches to the back of rechargable batteries used in cellphones, pdas, mp3 players, etc.

Batmax does have an environment statement. Whether this ends up being more environmentally friendly or not is difficult to determine. If the technology is true to its advertising, it will reduce the charging time and the need for charging, therefore reducing electricity consumption. It will delay the purchase of new batteries, thus reducing the number of batteries disposed of and the toxic leachates in landfills. However, the extent of chemicals used in the production of these nanoceramics remains an unanswered question.

(For further information on nanotechnology, the technology used to create the nanoceramic, check out the US National Nanotechnology Initiative .)

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