Informing vs. Making Change

Tim Jordan’s book Activism! (2002) portrays protests as a method to “cause us to focus on the meaning of particular movements and their demands.” Protests are now so frequent in our society they may be seen by a blind eye, so many causes and so little time… However, interestingly, Jordan writes protests “inform changes in our societies.” Thus instead of pushing change right now the strong point of a protest is informing society. However a major part is getting an informed society to change its lifestyle. How can actions of protest be involved in this movement?

2 Responses to “Informing vs. Making Change”

  1. sieber says:

    Intriguing hypothesis that the number of protests have caused us to turn a blind eye. I’m thinking of yesterday’s anti-war demonstration that, by some accounts, brought together over 150,000 protestors. Yet other accounts had a much smaller number, “several thousand”. I wonder if this lower number represents a blind eye to what’s on the ground, an inurement to the effectiveness of protests, or whether it represents a refusal to challenge dominant discourse. In other words, “Americans support the war so therefore there cannot be so many people opposed to it”.

  2. sieber says:

    Another thing protesters have to worry about: will the act of protest be turned against them? Will it be used by the other side (whatever that is) to show the protesters as kooks or, worse yet, dangerous?