Goodchild 2010

In his 2010 update, Goodchild explains the developments in GIS over the past 20 years and where he expects the field to go in the next decade. His areas of further research really reveal how far the discipline has come technologically. For example in the 1992 article he discusses how the ability to show colour gradations needs to be improved. He speaks of being able to scan maps, and accurately recreate readable maps on screen. In 2010 he discusses the best ways of 3D/4D modelling and even adding fifth dimension of attributes that exist in space-time. His interest in new forms of GIS modelling shows how the field has tried to move away from maps as the end product. It is interesting to see how the field has diversified and the author’s perspective on GIS education. While some aspects of GIS have become increasingly complex ie. our modelling abilities, many basic parts of the GIS have become accessible to the general public. Whether or not education should focus on expanding the science or teaching the basic tools is an interesting debate. It seems that researchers would like to see it as a science, whereas firms that still use GIS for basic applications would probably see it as a tool.


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