Vermont rest stop a model of waste water treatment

A newly re-opened rest stop on Vermont Highway cuts across nature, war and memory, fiscal sensibilities, technology, and toilets. Oh and there’s a linkage to Canada, too.

It goes like this. The very first Vietnam War veterans’ memorial was located on Interstate Highway 89 in Vermont. The rest stop, where it was located, had to be shut down because of an inability to manage the sewage system (toilets being an essential component of a rest stop). Instead of trying something prosaic, the state decided to innovate and try to link waste water treatment in some way with the memorial. Insulting? Fiscally irresponsible? Read the article for the amazing conclusion.

BTW, the living machines mentioned in the article come from Living Systems, a company in Taos, New Mexico.

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One Response to “Vermont rest stop a model of waste water treatment”

  1. What are they thinking? Insulting? A big Yes! My guess the ones running the state are not toilet train =)