Friday Cat Blogging

A tradition in blogs.
Mr Evil's Christmas

5 Responses to “Friday Cat Blogging”

  1. sieber says:

    Check out thumbnail of Mr. Evil at the official MSE site.

  2. Garry Peterson says:

    Is putting horns on your cat ethical?
    If so, Japan has a lot of Cat costumers. Some of which supply things over the internet. The best is CatPrins.

    But I agree with Pink Floyd, who said in the Wall
    “Hey Teacher, leave those cats alone”

  3. Garry Peterson says:

    Here is the link to CatPrins again.

    “CATPRIN, a tailor for cats. Ever imagined dressing up your lovely cat into a fabulous beauty? You don’t have to dress her everyday, in fact she might not feel comfortable with a dress on for days. Just dress her up only on special occasions like her birthday, takes a photo and that should leave you lots of memories and fantasies.”

  4. sieber says:

    Unethical but cats deserve it, don’t they? BTW, the cat tailor site is hysterical.

  5. Keep working ,great job!