Has this happened to you?

Presented without comment: Cat got your keyboard?

Are you worried that your cat is trying to delete your operating system? Does the report you stayed up all night writing contain literary gems like “ffeswwa” and “jlkikkjikiklkuh”? Has your cat made purchases on eBay?

Then you need PawSense, software that identifies and blocks your kitty’s keyboard tap-dancing. When it senses little cat feet on the keyboard, PawSense brings up a screen that says “Cat-Like Typing Detected.” Should you accidentally engage in catlike typing yourself, the screen has a box where you can type in “human” and the computer will let you proceed. PawSense was invented by Chris Niswander after his sister’s cat crashed her computer. He was awarded the IgNobel Prize for Computer Science in 2000 for his invention.

3 Responses to “Has this happened to you?”

  1. liam says:

    Truly a worthy IgNobel recipient.

  2. sieber says:

    I am a good candidate for the software since my cat once deleted many paragraphs of one of my articles and then managed to save the file.