CI and the endless possibilities

This article was quite informative and did a great job in demonstrating the importance of C.I. Based on the reading, C.I. seems to be a revolution in computational capabilities. The article demonstrates that the advent of C.I. has advanced science so much that computation could arguably be considered one of the three major “pillars” of science. Being relatively new to the field, C.I. and its role was not something that I ever truly gave too much thought. However, this article has been eye-opening in advocating for its role in today’s science. What seems so appealing about is its multidisciplinary capabilities.
Before C.I. the problems in data analysis left many questions unanswered. Now with its availability, it allows for much more complex questions to be asked, with a way to find these answers. C.I. has changed the way that data can be handled, shared, and analyzed. The question I ask is to what limit does C.I. have? It seems like it has the potential to continue to change how science can be done, across all disciplines. Is there a weak link that has yet to be found, or is this the real deal that will continue to benefit scientists for years to come? I suppose only time will tell, much like the authors assert in closing. For now however, C.I. appears to be building a solid relationship with science and the way science is done.


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