Public Participation related issue

This article is based on several years of studies and multiple research project that examined through the social change, capacity of PGeoweb to support citizen science, participating in decision-making, etc. This project was conducted my numerous researchers and yet the paper seems to be very biased towards the pro-Geoweb only. Since the very first time I have learned about the VGI, I have always wondered about the issue of accuracy and standard related issue and when I started to read this paper, I kind of hoped that some sort of solution or any suggestion concerning those issues would be mentioned, but it did not.. In addition, when a public participation and/or crowdsourcing issues are concerned, whether web based or not, there used to be always some kind of manipulation issues that arise as well and nowadays, when cyber security is becoming more and more serious social problem, simply encouraging the public participation using web application without mentioning such issue doesn’t seem very convincing to me. Or perhaps I am just being way too skeptical about this…



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