GIScience 15 years later

In this article where Goodchild reviews his own article 15 years later, he supports his own argument from his previous article about how GIScience would be used to research about GIS to improve the technology and research with GIS to exploit the technology in the advancement of science. Further, he underlines the huge impact of Internet to the use and evolution of GIS.
It feels like 15 years ago, in early 90’s when the distribution of Internet and the mobile technology were not as advanced as today, I wouldn’t be as positive about the idea of GIScience as today, since it would be almost impossible to see its usefulness or need of it to be considered as a ‘science’, not saying that one has to be necessarily very useful in our daily life to be part of a branch of science. However, one cannot deny the fact that the use of Internet, such as using based map pre-loaded by other industries, with GIS software has drastically changed and widened its potential.
Even if I am not fully convinced about GIScience yet, it seems like Goodchild does have very good points about his arguments, especially about its usage growth in diverse domains and Internet involvement that caused GIS to evolve much further.



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