Time Goes By, So Slow

Temporal mapping has always been one of the biggest issues within the GIS community. Although the visualization of spatio-temporal data has advanced dramatically since the time of writing of the article  (1988), it is still relatively challenging to map and present this type of data in a clear way. Spatial-temporal modeling is useful for many modern day applications. For example, in the field of epidemiology, technologies such as GIS and remote sensing have allowed for the development of models that characterize the distribution of infectious diseases. In addition, these models are also useful for tracking the methods of diffusion of the diseases, as well as how effective containment measures are. Spatio-temporal mapping also holds many important benefits for disaster management, environmental studies, and transportation planning. Overall, further developments within the field are necessary in order to incorporate not only changes over “snapshots” in time, but also the processes that occur in between the steps.

-Victor Manuel



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