Hedley’s AR

**a quick post because wordpress ate my last one**

Hedley’s piece on AR provides a clear and pretty interesting, if dated, look at augmented reality, evaluating the merits of different interface designs. Eleven years on, it is interesting to look at how far AR has come.

A quick look at wikipedia shows a lot of different applications. While most of them are emblematic of everything that is wierd about the economy these days, some piqued my interest as actually pretty valuable. One such thing was workplace apps. Wikipedia explains: “AR can help facilitate collaboration among distributed team members in a work force via conferences with real and virtual participants. AR tasks can include brainstorming and discussion meetings utilizing common visualization via touch screen tables, interactive digital whiteboards, shared design spaces, and distributed control rooms”

While I could certainly put on my Critical GIS hat and problematize this on a number of grounds, I find it pretty exciting. I think that especially in a field like geography, the use of AR could make collaboration over space a lot more effective. Maybe I am drawn to it because it brings to mind my favorite geography term “reducing the friction of distance”; and that it does!



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