winds change direction

Offshore Wind: The Future Has Arrived. Are We Ready? As the Lone Ranger’s traveling companion used to say, “What do you mean ‘we’, kemosabe?”

In London, Shell has pushed forth a plan to greatly reduce the need for non-renewable energy by building an enourmous wind farm of the waterfront. For the most part, it would not even be visible from the London terrain. Yet the oppostion abounds. These projects are certainly expensive, but the market payoff is uncontested. The short-term is what keeps sinking proposal after proposal, in any number of countries.

Other problems have ‘hit the fan’. The environmental brigades have cited that turbine fans will slaughter birds by the flock-full. In London, just like in Martha’s Vineyard, they have been extremely vocal, and have some conservation-law ammunition behind them. There have been a slurry of articles restating their claims, espcially here.

Then, of course, are the property owners and beach folk in the coastal areas of Massachusetts who are appalled by the prospect of a marred vista. Such is the life of the rich and hypocritical.

However, back to Shell, one troupe of activists cycling cross-country to promot climate change awareness lanced them through and through for the most hypocracy of all. These cyclists were ofere $20,000 as an award, but at the ceremony, the representative biker girl revealed a t-shirt with a red circle-and-line through the Shell logo, rejecting an award from a company that’s giving them a cause to kick and scream and bike cross-country in the first place.

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