Virtual activism for whales

Greenpeace is organizing the first virtual march to protect whales.

Thirteen thousand and six hundred people from 58 countries… have already logged on to the Greenpeace website to join the world’s first ever Virtual March by sending in personal stories and photographs of themselves expressing outrage at the prospect of resumed commercial whaling. The images collected through the Greenpeace website will ‘march’ across Ulsan, as Greenpeace projects them onto buildings to remind [International Whaling Commission] IWC delegates, especially from South Korea, that global citizens want Whales – Alive! South Korea is threatening to support Japan’s objective to return to killing whales for profit.

The Virtual March will conclude on June 19, the day before the 57th IWC meeting, June 20 to 24, in Ulsan, South Korea. Greenpeace plans to project the pictures there.

The Virtual March is here, with an impressive flash introduction.

Late update: I’ll be on CBC Radio I, talking about the subject on Monday morning. Don’t know which regions of the country, though.

Later update: Here’s the first large scale virtual march, where thousands of people were mobilized against the Iraq war to bombard the White House and senators with phone calls and e-mails.

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