Biodegradable material and computer chips

Packaging is a significant contributor to overall computer waste. One such component is the packaging used to ship computer chips from place to place. To ship its chips, Fujitsu uses reels. These resemble the old 0.5 inch tape drive reels that you used to see in movies whenever a scene required a large computer.

Fujitsu to Use Biodegradable Plant-based Materials for All of Its Embossed Carrier Tape Used in Packing for Reel-based Shipment of LSIs

Fujitsu Limited … announced that it will shift completely to the use of biodegradable plant-based materials for the manufacture of embossed carrier tape, used for packing large-scale integrated circuit chips (LSIs) when shipping them on reels. Embossed carrier tape is a packing material that protects semiconductors from shock and static electricity. Fujitsu expects an 11% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions by employing biodegradable plant-based materials to produce embossed carrier tape, in place of polystyrene, a material which was conventionally used in the industry.

Now if we could only introduce biodegradable materials into the chips themselves.

Japan is a large emitter of greenhouse gases and it is demanding reductions in GHGs in all sectors of the economy.

3 Responses to “Biodegradable material and computer chips”

  1. James Leung says:

    Nice to know that at least some of the companies are being enviormental

    I would like to change my porduction line of blister from pp
    to that biodegradable material . ( Sooner or later there will be codes
    to eliminate those plastic products ) Can you please throw me a light
    of where to obtain more information such as machines and related supplies.

    With my best Regards

  2. edith says:

    I totally agree with you James. Its not until everyone corrects themselves that we will truly be able to save our beautiful planet. Packaging industries (are in there true nature chemical plants) which have devastating effects on the environment. Its nice to see that Fujitsu is looking forward to decreasing the GHG emission, and let me say one more thing that many industries now are following suite. Packaging industries main player like abc packaging ( 2007’s best ranking packaging firm and many more are steeping towards a greener environment just as the hydrogen car etc. not to mention the flight around the world of a plane powered by environment friendly stuff. I hope all this is able to save whats left of this planet.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Hi James,

    It is a good approach for Fujitsu to use biodegradable material. Well, it’s been 2 years now and the world is slowly going towards the environmental friendly direction.

    If you are interested, I do know a manufacturer of biodegradable material.