a grain of salt, anyone?

A sombering thought, one that might be good to take down: there are a lot of neat statistics that make environmentalists feel warm and fuzzy… such as this banner. Of course, there are countless types wonderful endeavors that somebody, somewhere is putting their all into. But all the neat statistics may blind some from the true ‘true cost’ of things. In example, it would be possible to power an overwhelming part of the US with a wind farm in North Dakota (they have lucky winds), but the power lines would dissipate too much energy. OK, so why not install superconductivity-enable power lines? Or nano-tube powerlines, both with close to zero resistance (and thus close to full transmission capacity)?

Because, these things costs something too. That is, energy, resources, capital, etc. etc. The moral of the story? Don’t get carried away, I wonder if it just might be more harm than good.

2 Responses to “a grain of salt, anyone?”

  1. Liam says:

    While I may have missed your point, I feel like it would take a fairly wacky idea to overcome the current wackiness in the system we have now. We need to get carried away, maybe we can carry it into doing something.