The luddite undertone you can hear in environmentalism’s True Blue voice may be the song of the siren. “Superhitechecology” takes the best of science and manipulates the laws of nature to, well, save ourselves from ourselves.

So it’s good news, more often than not, when engineering and the like take a day off to pitch in. Here, allow me to introduce GE’s ecoimagination, which not only sounds spiffy, but is in lowercase for utmost appeal.

Much like issues of climate change, these endeavors are framed in neat business plans, with long-term profit stability/ job security underlined several times. Say hello, Market-Driven-Performance, to If-You-Can’t-Beat-’em-Join-’em. For an excellent review of what Superhitechecology GE holds in store, without an audio introduction (did you see the GE site?), read Joel Makower’s article.

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