The Need to Consider Future Uncertainty

The article written by Couclelis on models and their role and integration into land use planning states that the “systematic effort to understand what makes certain things about the future predictable and others not, or how to prepare for genuinely unpredictable futures, have so far had only a negligible impact on land-use planning and modeling” (p.1360). This statement suggests to me that land-use planning and modeling are not considering the complete picture in that the assumptions held are that one can predict the future and that when one is not successful, some reasons for the failure are not considered. The two issues mentioned in the quote both relate to our acceptance and greater consideration of uncertainty in the future which I feel should be very carefully examined when attempting to plan for the future. Relating this a little to critical GIS, if we fail to consider all factors underlying a system, it would be negligent particularly from the science side with the modelling, and the final product could be altered and manipulated to send a particular message.

-Outdoor Addict

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