Don’t engineer the planet to adapt to climate change; do it to humans

Ran across this provocative article adaptation strategies for climate change adaptation. If we cannot halt the emission of GHGs into the atmosphere (even if we could, we can do little about the lag), if the adaptation (e.g,. sea walls) doesn’t work then perhaps we should try human engineering. It’s based on the idea that we might geoengineer the world to prevent or dampen the impacts of climate change. But the world may ultimately be the wrong target. In all the time since the Kyoto Accord, emissions have actually increased and Canada has even dropped out. Perhaps instead we should engineer humans. The article is a thought-experiment, an ethical exercise in whether we should consider it.

BTW, the authors’ suggestions?

  • Create an aversion to red meat.
  • Make humans smaller.
  • Reduce birth rates through cognitive enhancements.
  • Pharmacological enhance emotions of altruism and empathy (i.e., make us appreciate other humans and animals more)

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