Christian first-person shooter

NYTimes writes on the drive to create a Christian gaming market.

The Rev. Ralph Bagley is on a very 21st-century sort of mission: introducing the word of God into what he calls the ”dark Satanic arena” of the video-game business. But he has an old-fashioned calling to back it up. ”I’ve always just loved video games,” he says. ”I was one of the guys playing Pong. When I became a Christian in 1992, I still wanted to play, but it was hard when the best-quality games out there were Doom, Quake — Satanic stuff, you know? Stuff that if I went to church on Sunday and came home and wanted to play a video game, I kind of felt a little bit guilty about it. I tried to find other games out there that were Christian, and there were none. Absolutely nothing. I’m the kind of guy that when I see something that’s not being done, I want to do it myself.”

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One Response to “Christian first-person shooter”

  1. Mario A. Guerra says:

    I also love 1st person shooter games, but also have the thing about feeling guilty about playing quake. I would also like to give ideas to anyone who would like to create this Christian game. That would be awesome.

    May God give you the inspiration and power to create this game, RALPH!!!

    I would love to be an investor! lol

    Bro Mario