Desperate housewives gaming

I find this mindboggling, but according to the Wasington Post, women over 40 now comprise the largest segment of game players online .

You match the Nicole Kidman card with the Nicole Kidman card, the Julia Roberts card with the Julia Roberts card, the J.Lo card with the J.Lo card. Simple enough. The game is called Ditto, and it’s on the Web site of Ladies’ Home Journal, and Karen Heal is, at this very moment, too preoccupied playing the game to talk about it.

When it comes to online games, women over 40 play the most often and spend the greatest number of hours doing so, even beating out teenage boys, according to a study conducted by Digital Marketing Services. The study is called the Casual Gaming Report. But there’s nothing casual about a 45-year-old mother of two who, day in and day out, logs on to her favorite site — Yahoo! Games, MSN Zone,, to name a few — a couple of hours before she goes to bed and a few minutes after she gets out of bed.

What I haven’t included here is that much of the gaming is the online version of traditional card-playing such as bridge. A lot of the activity combines gaming with chat, so it represents a multi-tasking use of the Internet. Still, read the whole article. It’s enlightening.

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